Happy Adha! 150% CP DONATION BONUS (Egypt)!

2016-09-12 00:00:34 

Dear players,

We all wish you a happy Adha festival.
To celebrate the it, there will be a 150% (2.5x) CP donation bonus. This bonus is only for our Egyptian Players and our Egyptian reseller: sro-world.
You can navigate to sro-world page from here.

A global CP bonus will be done next month.
Your donations are much appreciated.
Creddy Online Team.

Short Maintenance Completed

2016-07-30 01:39:05 

Weird Maze Changes
- You can not teleport to Maze with a fellow pet
- You can not teleport to Maze under job status
- You can not spawn a fellow pet inside Maze
- You can not drop gold/items inside Maze

General Changes
- Beginner Room system removed. New characters will spawn in Constantinople and Jangan.
- Chat spam detector is back, be careful not to send same messages in a row

We wish you best of luck and fun,
Creddy Online Team.

New donation methods and CP price adjustment

2016-07-05 13:37:06 

Dear players,

We happily announce that we switched our payment gate from PaymentWall to SuperRewards.

SuperRewards brings more flexible payment methods (including PayPal) and less commission.
Long story short: CP is now much cheaper and PayPal is back!

Your donations are much appreciated.
Creddy Online Team.
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