New donation methods and CP price adjustment

2016-07-05 13:37:06 

Dear players,

We happily announce that we switched our payment gate from PaymentWall to SuperRewards.

SuperRewards brings more flexible payment methods (including PayPal) and less commission.
Long story short: CP is now much cheaper and PayPal is back!

Your donations are much appreciated.
Creddy Online Team.

Donation Bonus Schedule Chart

2016-05-20 21:27:19 

Dear players,

As our update is applied and it is finally bug-free, there will be a 4-day 2x donation bonus period. We have also scheduled bonus periods for the beginning and the ending of Ramadan.

[4 days, 2x bonus period] 24~28 May
[3 days, 2x bonus period] 06~09 June
[4 days, 2x bonus period] 05~09 July

Donation bonuses are applied to PaymentWall and E-PIN purchases.

Thank you for playing Creddy Online.
Creddy Online Team.

Patch Changes for v1.936

2016-05-05 16:26:46 

Dear players,
Server has been updated to version 1,936.

7 May Hotfixes
- Exchange, Item Drop bug fixed.
- More Survival Arena fixes applied.
- Bard Dances enabled at Togui Village.

General Changes
- 3 new points are added to Weird Maze gift locations
- Survival Arena system has been improved
- Players below level 100 can not change stall titles
- Problem with buffing in Samarkand PVP Area is fixed
- Sbot users can no longer join Fortress War
- Buffs such as Pain Quota are now allowed back in Fortress War, according to the Poll results.
- Fixed a bug in !event command where sometimes it gave wrong information

We wish you best of luck and fun,
Creddy Online Team.
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