Buffers at Fortress War Poll

2016-04-30 23:48:56 

Dear players,

With next patch, SBOT users will NOT be
allowed to join Fortress War.
Regarding this, we are asking you if buffs like Pain Quota, Fences, Screens should be disabled or not.

Here is a poll, give your vote!
Here is the discussion topic in our forum, there is also an Arabic explanation.

There will also be Maze & Survival Arena fixes for the next patch. Stay tuned!

We wish you best of luck and fun,
Creddy Online Team.

Patch Changes for v1.935

2016-04-25 22:32:42 

Dear players,
Server has been updated to version 1,935.

Survival Arena Changes
- Only 1 character is allowed to join Survival Arena from a single IP Address now.
- Partying in Survival Arena is no longer allowed.
- Survival Arena cape is changed to a Purple Cape.

General Changes
- You can type !event in chat to see remaining times for the events.
- Silk is now purchasable from NPC, 1k for 1billion
- Reverse Return Scrolls do not need level 30 to be used now
- Using All Chat is not allowed to players who still has Newbie title or below level 5
- Fixed a bug where players could not load if they had FW weapons.

We wish you best of luck and fun,
Creddy Online Team.

New Update is applied! 100% Donation Bonus!

2016-04-13 20:40:12 

Dear players,

The update is applied! You can check here for more information about the update. The server will be under beta period for 2 days so please be patient and make sure you report all the bugs at our forum.

There will also be a 100% Donation Bonus through 14/04 to 19/04. Bonus is applied to Resellers and Paymentwall.
You can click here for donation.

We wish you best of luck and fun,
Creddy Online Team.
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