Donation Bonus Schedule Chart

2016-05-20 21:27:19 

Dear players,

As our update is applied and it is finally bug-free, there will be a 4-day 2x donation bonus period. We have also scheduled bonus periods for the beginning and the ending of Ramadan.

[4 days, 2x bonus period] 24~28 May
[3 days, 2x bonus period] 06~09 June
[4 days, 2x bonus period] 07~11 July

Donation bonuses are applied to PaymentWall and E-PIN purchases.

Thank you for playing Creddy Online.
Creddy Online Team.

Patch Changes for v1.936

2016-05-05 16:26:46 

Dear players,
Server has been updated to version 1,936.

7 May Hotfixes
- Exchange, Item Drop bug fixed.
- More Survival Arena fixes applied.
- Bard Dances enabled at Togui Village.

General Changes
- 3 new points are added to Weird Maze gift locations
- Survival Arena system has been improved
- Players below level 100 can not change stall titles
- Problem with buffing in Samarkand PVP Area is fixed
- Sbot users can no longer join Fortress War
- Buffs such as Pain Quota are now allowed back in Fortress War, according to the Poll results.
- Fixed a bug in !event command where sometimes it gave wrong information

We wish you best of luck and fun,
Creddy Online Team.

Buffers at Fortress War Poll

2016-04-30 23:48:56 

Dear players,

With next patch, SBOT users will NOT be
allowed to join Fortress War.
Regarding this, we are asking you if buffs like Pain Quota, Fences, Screens should be disabled or not.

Here is a poll, give your vote!
Here is the discussion topic in our forum, there is also an Arabic explanation.

There will also be Maze & Survival Arena fixes for the next patch. Stay tuned!

We wish you best of luck and fun,
Creddy Online Team.
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