Creddy PVP3 and EVENTS!

2014-09-17 00:00:59 

Dear players,

PVP3 website: CLICK HERE!
CP Events and PVP3 Info: CLICK HERE!
PVP 3 will be online
at 18/09, 21.00 Server Time!

Soon, we will be right back with our new server PVP3.
PVP3 will have same features with PVP1 and PVP2.
There will be a lot of new CP events with this servers arrival.
More will be announced on forum. Please keep an eye!

We wish you a nice gameplay and fun.
Creddy Online Team.

Happy Ramadan! + Ramadan CP Bonus

2014-07-28 03:22:52 

Dear players,

To celebrate the spirit of Ramadan Festival, all payment methods (Resellers, Epin, Paymentwall, Paypal, Mobile) will give you 75% bonus upon donating Creddy Points.
The event period is 28/07 to 01/08.

We wish you a nice gameplay and fun.
Creddy Online Team.

New Donation Method, PayGol

2014-07-24 07:04:47 

Dear players,

Due to strong requests,
We have added PayGol as a payment system.
PayGol is a mobile donation method, for everyone.

Especially Venezulean players will be happy with this.

We wish you a nice gameplay and best of fun.
Creddy Online Team.

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