Valentines Day Bonus

15 days ago 

Dear players,

With the arrival of Valentines Day, there will be 2x bonus on CP Donations from SuperRewards and resellers.
Click here for Donation page

Thank you for supporting Creddy.
Creddy Online Team.

Item Lock System

1 months ago 

Dear players,

We added a very simple Item Lock system to prevent hacking issues. With the new lock system you can prevent the items you wear to be traded.
The explanation of the system is here: (Arabic too)
Click here for Item Lock System
And always keep in mind that we are NOT responsible for the hacking or scamming issues. We made this system because too many people are being backstabbed by their friends.

Creddy Online Team.

Bugfixes 26/12

2 months ago 

Dear players,

- Party mobs disabled in Arabian Maps.
- Missing ADV. Elixir bug has been fixed
- 12D Stones added to Jupiter Mob Drops
- 12D Immortal, Luck added to Silk Shop
- Drunk Event monster bug is fixed
- Silk Drop added to Arabian Mobs.
- New Stones (Sharpness etc.) are fixed.
- Bard buffs enabled in Arabian Maps.

Creddy Online Team.
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